Mürren Allmendhubel North Face Trail - first time and it’s already a classic…

First time in Mürren and first time walked the North Face Trail from Allmendhubel. Join me on the trip and enjoy the spectacular views of mountain scenery:

We drive through the Lauterbrunnen cascade valley to reach Stechelberg... The start point of the tour is up there - I guess we'll take the gondola this time... Once in Mürren, we start walking towards the Allmendhubel funicular... There it goes, I guess we'll catch the next one... In the mean time, stop and admire one of many nicely decorated chalets in Mürren... The front row in the funicular guarantees a nice view on Mürren... Once in Allmendhubel, you can quickly reach a view point on the playground and the majestic Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger... While the kid is playing, you can make a quick flower trail - at the end you get a glimpse of Wengen this time... With the tank full from eating and playing, it's now time to go to - one last look though... Some small cabins with a view start to show up... Further down the road, we kinda need to force/drag the motivation. First my wife... Then me... In case anybody wonders, this how the other side looks like... Oau dad, look how far we've gone... We were actually looking at the Suppenalp guest house... Mürren is showing up, but we'll be taking a detour... Pssst, don't tell Sebi! Half way there, everybody seems to have some energy left... Or maybe not... decided to take a shortcut... Eiger, Grüss Dich!!! Finito - reached Mürren and gondola. Only way is down now... See you next time!
North Face Trail from Allmendhubel to Mürren #photostory