Getting to the Rothorn summit with the Brienz Rothorn Railyway

A journey you just need to make if you are around Lake Brienz (German: Brienzersee) in the mountainous Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland. Once you reach the top you have amazing view on the lake and the surrounding Swiss Alps (amongst others Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger). The trip up and down by the steam train is lots of fun too. But I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves - click on a picture to start the gallery:

Railway Station Brienz Start the journey with a view on the Brienz Lake The usual suspect in the Swiss Alps Brienz Lake is starting to show up The higher you go, the more spectacular it gets Reach Rothorn station and you are above 2000m now Then you need to decide where to go first... To the right to the Rothorn summit Go to the left to the other peak Or just plunge ahead - don't try this without a paraglider though Artistic spirit strikes wife, good one though... In the mean time spectacular view on the Lake Brienz Artistic spirit can strike son too Enjoy an apple and the beautiful scenery on the opposite side On the Rothorn summit, you can enjoy the view on the Eisee Lake Family photo time Still mesmerized by the view on the way down Artistic spirit strikes me now, but can't decide which one is better - focus on the Eisee Lake Or focus on the beatufiul alpine flora Ok dad, I see the view is amazing, but I am hungry, so hurry up... Probably one of the best terrasse restaurant views so far Can anyone pls explain to me what's the deal with selfies? Energy tank full again, let's head over to the other peak... Does Santa Claus live maybe behind this load of snow? You just can't fight wife's artistic spirit Three more steps to go The peakture of our journey Time to relax a little bit I can understand why the starring - panorama with Rothorn summit in the middle Kid won't last long though, misses his toys or whatever.. Somebody is making a really big barbeque Hurry up to catch that train down... the BBQ was getting hot You might think those lucky bastards are going up the mountain But once back, you can then enjoy a ride with the hidrobike on the Lake Brienz See some plane rebound, after the pilot wakes up Or have a closer look at the lake church, spotted on your way up
Brienz Rothorn Railway #photostory

Check out the Brienz-Rothorn-Bahn website to get more information about timetable, prices, restaurant and hiking possibilities.