Red hats conquer the Bachalpsee from First

Lake Bachalpsee travels around the world as a postcard. However, no photo is able capture the radiance of the lake. You just need to go there and see it for yourself. That does not require much effort. From Grindelwald take the Gondola to First. From First, Lake Bachalpsee can be reached on foot in less than an hour, well maybe two if you travel with small children.

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We begin our hike from First The red hats have a good pace and lead the way 300m later they need a hiking stick How said it was for hiking?! The scenery is just amazing. In front of us, somewhere behind those rocks there is the Bachalpsee Lake On the left side you can see the majestic north face of the Eiger The view down is just as spectacular Just a puddle reflecting a summit The looks start to show first signs of tiredness Thank God for the brook with fresh water A look above the cliff shows how far it goes All drunk up, but a few hundert meters later the first real crisis shows up A few encouraging words from mama or biscuits, and it's good overcome... Well, the next one not so much, daddy had to step in... 2 hours later we are almost there, on daddy's backs But wait, the joy of seeing the lake gave an extra boost of energy to finish the hike on foot And yes, it was worth it... Shrechkhorn does not look that 'schrecklich'(en. dreadful) after all' 100m higher, still spectacular The proof it was really me :) Back at the lake, for the stick was found another utility and it was still not hiking And of course it is more fun in two... Time to quickly start our way back as the fog is falling upon us
First to Bachalpsee Lake Hike #photostory

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