Favorite ski areas around Bern sorted by car travel time

1 minute read

The car travel time listed beside the destinations, is actually from Schliern Köniz, close to Bern, where I currently live. The parking link is the destination pin point, so you can easily calculate the duration from your own location.

Under 1 hour

Gantrisch Gurnigel - 40min, 1340-1670m :white_check_mark:

Schwarzsee - 47min (52min on the highway), 1050-1750m

Aeschi bei Spiez - 50min, 860-1400m :white_check_mark:

Wierehorn Diemtigtal - 51min, 984-1868m :white_check_mark:

Les Prés-d’Orvin - 53min, 1000-1300m

Over 1 hour

Elsigen-Metsch - 1h3min, 1000-1300m :white_check_mark:

Adelboden (Lenk) - 1h8min (+20min Gondel to Sillerenbühl), 1068-2362m :white_check_mark:

Grindelwald Männlichen/Wengen - 1h14min (+15min Gondel), 1068-2500m :white_check_mark:

Zweisimmen, Rinderberg - 1h15min, 1000-2200m :white_check_mark:

Jaunpass - 1h15min, 1500-1700m :white_check_mark:

Meiringen Hasliberg - 1h15min (+15min Gondel), 1066-2433m

Grindelwald First - 1h17min (+20min Gondel), 1068-2500m :white_check_mark:

(Adelboden) Lenk - 1h32min (+10min Gondel), 1068-2362m :white_check_mark: